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iThenticate for Publishers

Protect your journal’s reputation by publishing only the highest quality articles.

Publish with Confidence

iThenticate helps faculty and researchers during the high-stakes manuscript drafting, peer review, and publishing process.


Protect your reputation

Safeguard your reputation from the damage of a plagiarism claim.


Streamline screening process

Speed up the screening process by immediately identifying submissions with potential plagiarism issues.


Get comprehensive results

Check against 90+ billion web pages and premium scholarly content.

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Crossref Similarity Check Powered by iThenticate

Many Crossref members use Similarity Check which gives their editors access to the iThenticate similarity checking solution. Some use Similarity Check directly and some as part of a submission system.

The service launched in 2008 when we announced our initial partnership with Crossref. Since then it’s gone from strength to strength and now has over 60 million full-text documents (from over 87 thousand titles) available for text comparison and almost 1500 members using the service.

To learn more about Similarity Check, please visit Crossref’s FAQ or download the factsheet.

Trusted by top publishers and journals

96 %

iThenticate compares content against
96% of the top 10,000 cited journals


iThenticate screens manuscripts for 1,500 top publishers worldwide

Each year iThenticate checks 14 million documents for plagiarism

Comparing each submission to our content database including:

82 million

Academic articles, books, and conference proceedings from 47,000 scientific, technical, medical journals and 200,000 US law reviews

135 million

Open Access articles, books, conference proceedings, pre-prints, encyclopedias, and abstracts

90+ billion

Current and archived web pages